Superviviga —— Guangdong Wingoo Anime Foods Corporation Ltd.

Guangdong Wingoo Anime Foods Corporation Ltd. proudly stands as an industry leader with over 25 years of expertise in biscuit production. Recognized as the top credit insurance transactions company in the confectionery sector on Alibaba, we are delighted to showcase our exceptional brand—Superviviga.

Wingoo Anime Foods, a publicly traded entity, operates multiple branch factories. Our head factory, boasting 4 fully automated production lines, 2 GMP standard workshops, and staffed by 100 skilled workers, spans an impressive 22,011 square meters. In the city center, our expansive 2000 square meters exporting office and showroom reflect the innovation and quality associated with Superviviga. Additionally, we proudly contribute significantly to the tax revenue of Shantou city.

Our state-of-the-art workshops frequently host visits from enterprises and official teams. The factory features a dedicated visiting hall, allowing observers to witness the meticulous production process without entering the workshop. Adhering to stringent safety measures, our workers don specialized attire from head to toe. Temperature and moisture are meticulously controlled at every production step, ensuring the creation of safe and healthy food. The commitment to a green environment is evident through the cultivation of fish and vegetables within our factory premises.

Wingoo Anime Foods has earned prestigious certifications, including ISO2002, BRC, HACCP, HALAL, and KOSHER. We remain adaptable to meet the specific certification needs of our customers. Our products, prominently featuring the Superviviga brand, have earned acclaim globally. Our annual market surveys involve engaging with consumers to gather invaluable feedback, driving continuous improvement in our products and services. Wingoo Anime Foods, with Superviviga leading the way, eagerly awaits your partnership for the finest in biscuits. In addition, if you need candy and other food, you can check out our other website –